From Greenhouse Gas to Resource for Industry

CO₂ emissions have been unavoidable in cement production so far. Holcim Germany is developing one of the world's first carbon-neutral cement plants – turning the greenhouse gas into a valuable resource.

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Climate-Neutral Growth

The entire economy is facing the challenge of green transformation. Carbon2Business offers a pathway to develop decarbonization into a growth model – extending beyond the cement industry.

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From Beer to Toothbrush: What CO₂ can become

At Carbon2Business, Holcim purifies CO₂ to high standards – to food grade. What can be done with captured CO₂? An overview of the various uses for the greenhouse gas.

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A Framework for the CO₂ Economy

Ship terminals, interim storage, pipelines, laws: Establishing a CO₂ economy requires efficient infrastructure and regulatory framework. Which course needs to be set now?

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Carbon Neutral and Circular: How Carbon2Business is Transforming Cement Production

The Carbon-Neutral Cement Plant Explained: How the New Cement Kiln Works with Oxyfuel Technology

About Holcim

Holcim Deutschland is one of the leading companies in Germany for innovative, sustainable, and digital construction products and solutions. As pioneers in sustainable construction, Holcim employees develop tailored solutions for builders, construction companies, architects, and engineers, with a clear focus on climate protection and circular economy. Our mission: Building more with less.

With our services, we, as a reliable partner, work together with our customers and partners towards a carbon-neutral future and thus a world worth living in for all generations. Working at Holcim means contributing to the climate-friendly transformation of the industry, the sustainable design of spaces for living, learning, and working, the construction of durable infrastructure, and the future of mobility and energy supply.

Holcim embraces diversity: The company employs around 1,800 employees from 36 different nationalities at approximately 130 locations in Germany and the Netherlands. Holcim Deutschland is a subsidiary of the world's leading building materials company, Holcim Ltd.